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these pages are exclusively to show MAC’s progress through life …

but first a little background …


MAC is a ‘golden’ Cocker Spaniel – well … he did turn out to be a little darker than golden, and is actually
about the colour and tone of a traditional ‘Whisky Mac’
(… a marvellous blend of Malt Whisky & Green Ginger Wine!)

… and so he is called MAC … and he lives on the Bedfordshire- Hertfordshire border
… this is him ~ June 2013 
… but to see him in September 2023 click HERE


DSCN0121 wide Blue Cornered

MAC was born on October 16th 2010, and his pedigree name is:   Geordieland Sea Rocket

                                      he was one of four puppies from his mother ‘Poppy’, by his father ‘Raven’ …


                                    Poppy                                 Raven

                                             Poppy (a.k.a. Sapphire’s So Nice)                                                                          Raven (a.k.a. Satcumo Raven)


MAC was bred at Geordieland Gundogs, Bricket Wood, by Mr. J C Keegan, and most obviously takes after his mother


… but MAC is not just a Cocker Spaniel,  as his pedigree is strongly vested in the working dog strain, rather than show dogs, and it shows in the way he covers the ground, and persistence in rooting out anything from the undergrowth


To see how MAC has progressed in his first year click the buttons below …


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MAC’s grand father is  Whaupley Reiver  – an accomplished Field Trial Champion

( Reiver gained over twenty Open trial awards and a Diploma of Merit in the 2004 Cocker Spaniel Championships )

You can instantly see where Mac’s dominant genes have come from – the appearance and expression

is unmistakably from his grandsire even down to style of the small white blaze on his forehead


… Sadly he has now passed away



Whaupley Reiver,  21/05/2000 – 08/04/2013